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Dynamic UV Sterilizer (Table-type)

Model Number: FYST-30S

About: Ultraviolet disinfection lamp UV purifier Sterliization, disinfection, purification

Technical specifications


Dynamic UV sterilizer is mainly composed of shell, UV lamp ,fan and control system.The sterilization principle is to use the UV lamp sterilizer to irradiate the circulatory wind, then utilize the circulatory wind to sterilize and disinfect the dynamic air. Combining with the fan, the sterilizer will continuously sterilize and disinfect the air in the room and keep the air fresh.
The UV lamps emit a high intensity ultraviolet light that hits every surface in the room and kills any micro organisms or pathogen including MRSA,hand foot mouth disease,colds and flu,pneumonia,molds,E.coli.salmonella and similar type bacteria.
The light penetrates and destroys the actual DNA of micro organisms.There is no known micro organism that is immune to UV-C energy.

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