Dental Sleep Medicine

Who We Are

Over the past 15 years, BRAEBON has evolved into a single-source provider of PSG sensors, accessories, Home Sleep Testing (HST) systems, and software solutions for sleep medicine. In Dental Sleep Medicine, our mission is to be the company to provide valued alternatives. We are committed to providing exactly what you need – products of the highest quality that are easy to use, more reliable and better-supported. We have developed a unique combination of products at the forefront of technology for today’s busy environment of dental sleep medicine. We continue to evolve so that our products will be positioned to solve new problems the dental sleep medicine community may face in the future.

In addition to our high-quality products, BRAEBON offers clients unparalleled aftersales support with industry-leading warranties, technical support and our helpful Rapid Replacement Program. BRAEBON is an ISO 13485 and CE compliant company with an international customer base – our products are used on six continents.

Our Technological Advancements

Home Sleep Apnea Testing Recorders

State-of-the-Art Sensors

Easy to Use
Powerful Workflow Management Software

Enter The Mainstream

Many sleep professionals often consider dentists who treat sleep apnea to be on the periphery. Technology that uses processed signals and algorithms will only reinforce this view. BRAEBON offers dentists mainstream technology and overcomes this challenge by helping dentists use the same technology used in a sleep lab – real waveforms directly measuring physiological signals to meet new guidelines.

Clinical Workflow

As easy as 1,2,3…

Home Sleep Test

Perform a MediByte® study to get a baseline of the patient’s snoring and apnea. Get a diagnosis from an M.D

Fit / Adjust
Oral Appliance

If the results of the baseline MediByte® study indicate room for improvement, fit the patient with an oral appliance. BRAEBON offers a temporary oral appliance for patients waiting for their permanent solution

Home Sleep Test

Perform a follow-up MediByte® test to monitor the effectiveness of your oral appliance therapy and to make any adjustments needed. Repeat as needed.

We’ve teamed with leading dentists around the world to help you receive the best education so you are comfortable using the MediByte® with the most advanced oral appliances available


Many view dental sleep apnea treatment to be on the periphery


Don’t let your recorder technology be another barrier


Many view dental sleep apnea treatment to be on the periphery


Don’t let your recorder technology be another barrier

Why Choose MediByte®


Innovative. Unique

The 12-channel MediByte® enables you to titrate both AHI and snore volume in dB. This powerful product exceeds new guidelines. Bruxism, combination therapy with CPAP, multiple nights – MediByte ® effi ciently does it all.


Point. Click. Go.

Our turnkey workfl ow process business solution software is sophisticated, yet simple. EasyHST integrates with our MediByte® family to seamlessly manage patient intake, process questionnaires, generate reports, create interpretation letters and manage your patients’ MediByte® data.

Optional Home Delivery

Simple. Cost-Effective. Fast.

BRAEBON has teamed with a leading home sleep apnea testing company to provide direct MediByte® delivery right to the patient’s door. Medical interpretation and scoring, provided by Board Certifi ed Sleep Physicians and Board Registered Sleep Technologists, is a snap! For more information, call 1-888-462-4841.

Optional Scoring Service

Convenient. Efficient. Reliable.

BRAEBON provides a sleep scoring service using Registered Sleep Technologists to provide MediByte® scoring to MediByte® Dental users. If you are interested in using this service, please call 1-888-462-4841 x 218 or email

Powerful Software Made Simple.

Using the MediByte® and its analysis software is as easy as a few mouse clicks. The included software meets guidelines for full disclosure and contains simplifi ed tools for manually scoring or editing automated results.
For your convenience, the MediByte® is also designed for two-night studies. Go beyond the single nine-hour recording with the option to capture two consecutive nights: one for oral appliance treatment and one for baseline.
Approximately 8 percent of the population has sleep bruxism and the association between sleep bruxism and sleep apnea is well-documented in scientifi c literature. With the MediByte®, you can practice dentistry and manage sleep bruxism.
To produce the most reliable results, the patentpending MediByte® exceeds guidelines for home evaluation of snoring and sleep apnea. Rock-solid components, cutting-edge technology and innovative products combine to deliver a home sleep apnea testing solution like no other.

Software Features

System Requirements

PC with a USB 2.0 port, 5 GB of hard disk space
Windows7, Windows10, Windows11 operating systems. Microsoft Word® is used by the MediByte Software to create reports.

Software Features

Hear every single snore with the precise audio playback capabilities of Pursuit Sleep software. With the ease of a mouse drag, quickly identify key snoring and respiratory characteristics as if you were in the room.
Designed specifically for dental sleep medicine, the MediByte® enables you to evaluate the known association between sleep bruxism and sleep apnea within the scope of everyday dental practice.
Clean, concise and easy-to-read data. Every report is designed to make fi nding information effortless.
The MediByte® empowers you to titrate your oral appliance to the optimum apnea and hypopnea index using the same biosensors and technology found in the best sleep laboratories.
The MediByte® can be used with CPAP to record CPAP pressure, CPAP fl ow and snoring. This is useful in cases where oral appliances are combined with CPAP
True Type 3 recorders use RIP respiratory effort belts on the chest, abdomen or both.

MediByte® Type 3 HST Recorder

Using patent-pending technology and designed to exceed new guidelines, this next generation screener overcomes the many limitations of current devices. Constructed of smooth ABS plastic with extra-strength lockable LEMO™ connectors, the MediByte® was designed for durability and reliability. Weighing less than three ounces, it is ideal for both adult and pediatric studies. Side wings attach the unit to the chest effort belt so that a holding strap is not required. On-board oximetry, pressure and body position sensors eliminate external transducers. An auxiliary (AUX) port provides a high sample rate channel for a variety of applications, including sound, EKG and EMG. Use the sensitive snore microphone for high-frequency snoring analysis and a quantitative dB sound level. Use EKG electrodes for 24-hour holter monitoring or EMG electrodes to record bruxism or other movement events. An oversized, tactile push-button allows the patient to indicate specifi c events during a recording. Studies are stored on the internal memory and downloaded via a USB computer connection. This recorder represents a new generation screening device that can be used for a number of different applications.

Everything You Need

MediByte® Kit

HST Evolved.

  • 1. Oximetry
  • 2. Heart Rate
  • 3. Pressure Flow
  • 4. Snore – from Pressure
  • 5. Thermal Flow
  • 6. RIP Chest Effort
  • 7. RIP Abdomen Effort
  • 8. Sum – from RIP
  • 9. Event Marker
  • 10. Internal Body Position Sensor
  • 11. Snoring Audio, EKG, EMG (Bruxism), EMG (PLMs)
  • 12. Sound Level
  • 13. CPAP Flow
  • 14. CPAP Pressure


AUX Channel

Quantitative snoring sampled at 2000 Hz or EKG/EMG at 250 Hz

Dormant Mode

Programmable to remain in a dormant state for up to seven days

Sampling Rates

Exceeds new guidelines

Event Marker

Oversized sealed tactile push-button marks events on recording

Internal Memory

128 MB internal memory

Recording Time

Up to 24 hours of continuous data

Signal Quality

24-bit ADC with fi xed sample rates for each channel

Computer Interface

Communication cable for data downloads

Power Source

Single ½ AA lithium battery

Status Indicator

Bi-color LED with color-coded legend

Physical Size

2.8 x 3 x 0.75 inches, 3.3 ounces with battery (71 x 76 x 19 millimeters, 93 grams)


Auto Setup

Extremely easy to use sequential patient setup screens with user-defi ned options

Auto Start

Set the recorder to automatically start and stop at a specifi ed date and time

Assisted Scoring

Computer-assisted scoring marks all desaturations, respiratory, PLM and snoring events

Event Editing

Adjust, delete, rename or add events

Full Disclosure

Print any part of the recording with a user-selected epoch size

EDF Format

Download recordings to EDF for research applications or to share with any clinician

Report Templates

Download recordings to EDF for research applications or to share with any clinician

Physical Size

Microsoft® Word templates specifi c to dental sleep medicine

Questions & Answers

The MediByte® is a complete 12-channel Type 3 recorder that exceeds all new home sleep apnea testing guidelines. The MediByte® Junior is a six-channel Type 3 device. The MediByte® records everything the MediByte® Junior can, but adds an additional effort channel, a sum channel, an oronasal thermal airfl ow channel and an Auxilary port; meaning you have the option to record more information when using the thermal airfl ow sensor: ECG, or EMG, or Audio (snoring).
You get everything you need right out of the box – simply add your own Windows 7, XP or Vista computer with USB port. The complete MediByte® kit includes the MediByte® recorder, all needed software with three software licenses, all sensors, USB communication cable, six patient kits and a one-year MediByte® warranty packed into a convenient, durable carrying case. The MediByte® Junior comes in a carrying pack about the size of a shaving kit and includes one patient kit.
Simplicity and ease of use is the key to the MediByte®’s success. All connectors are unique and lock in place, meaning the patient training and hook-up is much simpler – there is no chance of plugging the wrong sensor into the wrong connector. The MediByte® attaches to the computer with a standard USB connection, just like a digital camera. The software uses a wizard to prepare the MediByte® for a patient recording and to download the data. The oversized event button is easy for the patient to use during the recording. After recording, data is automatically analyzed and ready for manual review within our full disclosure software.
Yes, you receive three software licenses with your purchase and you can install a copy on any Microsoft Windows 7, XP or Vista computer. Additional software licenses are available for a small fee.
Yes, both the MediByte® and MediByte® Junior can be connected to any CPAP for recording fl ow, snoring and CPAP pressure.
Yes. BRAEBON has been selling sleep sensors to sleep laboratories for over 12 years. We include the same sensors and technology from within our family of Home Sleep Apnea Testing devices that we supply to world-leading sleep laboratories. When using the MediByte®, you meet the new Home Sleep Testing guidelines and your test results can be exchanged and easily understood by any doctor, dentist or laboratory.
The average cost of running a test with the MediByte® is around $7 to $8.
Yes, a variety of outsourcing service options are available. These options include scoring services by a Registered Sleep Technologist, a medical interpretation by a Board Certifi ed Sleep Physician, or a complete turnkey solution where the product is sent via courier directly to the patient and returned to the sleep scoring experts and physician for a professional interpretation. All you need to do is request the service and the patient and/or their insurance will pay the bill for the home sleep apnea test.
You can change the header and footer on the report templates and add your company information, but we generally do not recommend altering the reports.
Yes, studies have found both high sensitivity and high specifi city and have concluded that more than four out of fi ve patients are diagnosed identically when using the MediByte® or when using full PSG in a sleep laboratory.